Bringing up Baby

25th August 2022 It has been many decades since I was a new mum – way back in 1976! But I was thinking the other day, how things have changed in recent times as to the ‘received wisdom’ regarding pregnancy and childrearing nowadays compared to generation after generation for hundreds of years. Looking back to…… Continue reading Bringing up Baby

A Moving Experience

21st April 2022 I have lived in many places in the UK. I started in Barrow, of course, but I don’t really remember the house move from 6B Barque Street to Brighton Street, which remained the family home for the next 50-plus years. My next move was leaving home at 17 after a terrible row…… Continue reading A Moving Experience

Simply the Best

24th March 2022 This week I am writing about and dedicating this to my sister, Mel Royle. I’m sitting here right now, waiting for her to arrive from Fuerteventura, where she lives with her husband, Steve, and their four dogs, Daisy, Nutty, Sasha and Dixie. She is flying into Manchester and then catching a train…… Continue reading Simply the Best