Monday is Washing Day Book Three: Kathryn – Control and Release

Book Three: Kathryn – Control and Release

Publication date: 4th April 2023

Kathryn is a middle child, and suffers as many middle children do; neither fish nor fowl, she is caught between her mother’s favouritism to her older brother and the spoiled brat behaviour of her younger sister. Can she be the one who finally breaks free? 


Book Three: Kathryn – Control and Release (Hardback)


Book Three: Kathryn – Control and Release (Paperback)


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  1. Another wonderful story from Liz always a delight to read these family sagas I hope there will be more to come. This book was my era couldn’t put it down.
    I will keep these books and re read them again in the future. A delight


  2. I have just finished book 3 “control and release” of Monday is washing day, an absolutely thrilling read!! I couldn’t put it down. Kathryn’s story keeps you riveted for more. Well done Liz and if you write anymore in this series please, please, please let me know. I thoroughly recommend this trilogy to anyone wanting a good read.


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